Unexpected Gifts

“Take as a gift whatever the day brings forth.” Though originally from Roman lyric poet Horace, you’ve probably read this in inspirational Christian writings. Our family Christmas this year is an apt example. Idaho family flew down a week early to meet up with Texas family for a get-together. Then, calamity struck, one of the grandchildren came down with the flu. The next few days, like a chain of dominoes, other family members fell sick as well. No Christmas get-together this year! Where’s the gift in that? I know, not easy to find, but if we had all been together when the child was contagious, multiple more family members would have been exposed. I’m thankful!

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Gifts

  1. Our lab has the penchant to eat anything in sight, thus his undoing. It took surgery to remove what he ate so Christmas was spent in doggie care. The blessing of learning to give and forgive instead of being on the getting end of things. I pray all are well now. Thanks always for the lessons you bring. Blessings on you and yours!


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