When Life Is Hard

Life is hard sometimes and painful. A couple of my friends have lost sons in the last few weeks and another a younger brother. Two adult sons and a brother, gone way too early. A tragic loss of a loved one, a health crisis, a failed relationship, all can cause grief, fear and anxiety. As the Scriptures say, in times such as these, God is our refuge and strength. Jesus was totally human as well as divine. Our Savior knows how we feel. He suffered loss in his physical time on earth. We don’t know how old he was when Joseph died, but you know he missed his earthly dad. He also lost his cousin John to a tragic death. When life is hard, we can go to him because he understands and grieves with us.

2 thoughts on “When Life Is Hard

  1. Life is hard in so many ways, it calls to us to look up and see the life Jesus has called us to and dream of his return. Oh, come Lord Jesus!


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