A Different Path

My daughter and I planned to take a short walk after eating, but her Jack Russell terrier didn’t go along with the plan. When we turned around to go back home, Callie stiffened her little legs and pulled against the leash. It was as if she were saying, You call this a walk? We’ve only gone half a dozen blocks. This is ridiculous! So instead of turning around, my daughter, being the diplomat, turned left and we walked around the block and back home. Though we didn’t walk much farther, Callie was happy. It made me think of those times I’ve drug my feet, not wanting to do something I should. Sometimes God in his infinite mercy has led me on a different path to achieve the same goal. Our God is not a tyrant. He works with us in our weaknesses.

One thought on “A Different Path

  1. Amen. I often feel God gave me my grandson in order to direct me down another path. One way or another he will lead us home!


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