Not Wasted

Ads here in Texas encourage people not to waste water. In our drought situation I understand the concern, but I have to wonder in reality how can you waste water? Water is marvelously designed to come in three forms, liquid, gas and frozen. If I boil water it turns into steam. If I put it into the freezer, it turns into ice. Much of the water we use runs off into rivers, sometimes after being treated and recycled many times on its way to the sea. There it evaporates into the air to come back to us as rain. It makes me think of love. No matter how much love you give or receive, it’s never wasted. God makes sure of that.

2 thoughts on “Not Wasted

  1. Oh so true! Maybe they need a new approach or wording. Love is always a precious commodity. Can it be recycled like water? Maybe with every warm memory?


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