Racist? No, Not Me.

“Are you racist?” Who, me? No. I have friends of all races. My parents taught me racism was wrong. This was how I self-identified until I attended a racial reconciliation workshop. As I listened to stories of discrimination, I had a twinge of conscience, and then another. I began to realize I wasn’t as innocent of racial prejudice as I thought.  I came to more fully understand how the privileges I enjoyed and took for granted were not shared by all. Their examples were some of the more benign racial insults my friends suffer almost daily. We’re all aware of the more deadly examples of racial injustice reported regularly in our news media. Isn’t it about time to put aside our assumptions about one another, often based on false premises, and just listen to one another.

One thought on “Racist? No, Not Me.

  1. As a child i was often in trouble because I didn’t see boundaries and played with anybody whether I could understand their language or not. It is a more complicated things than we realize and we wonder where are the answers? Only through Jesus Christ will there be true healing and we will be all brought together as one. Thank you Sheila for your words of wisdom.


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