Shine Your Light

You’ve heard of the carrot and stick approach to motivation. You hold the carrot tied to a stick in front of the donkey to get it to move. When we had donkeys, I didn’t try that tactic but their red bucket with molasses sweetened feed sure worked. As stubborn as they were they couldn’t resist that red bucket. But when it comes to being a Christian instead of a reward some feel dangling their faults and sins in front of themselves makes them humble and is somehow motivational to spiritual growth. Wrong! All that does is dim the glorious light Christ has given us to share with the world. Don’t let recurring thoughts of past, present or future sins (all forgiven and forgotten by God) dampen your zeal for him. Move forward in faith. He loves you! Shine your light!

One thought on “Shine Your Light

  1. Oh I love this one. We had a donkey. The most lovely creature in the world. This should be our goal, to be lovely like Jesus that is. Thanks Sheila! 💕


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