Are All Saved?

Theologians argue about the idea of universal salvation or universalism. Some insist all will be saved and others point to the Bible and say no, the sheep and the goats will be separated, and the wheat divided from the tares. Though certainly not a theologian, my belief is that God is in one sense a universalist. Why? Because God wants everyone, from Hitler to Osama bin Laden, in his Kingdom. Jesus died to save every human being who has ever lived, past, present and future. When he hung on that cross and forgave those who put him there, it was us. He forgave all of us. We are all forgiven. Yet, God didn’t create robots. We have the freedom to choose. Implausible as it is, though God wants everyone saved, Scripture indicates some will stubbornly turn away and refuse his free gift of salvation.

One thought on “Are All Saved?

  1. Yep that’s how I see it. He has the ability to do all things. How he does this is a mystery still. Thanks Sheila! Love it! 💕


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