Scary Stuff!

Have you ever been on a jury? Sometimes a jury’s decision can mean life or death for a person. I’ve not been on a jury that had to make such a decision, and I’m thankful. But juries are called to settle many other problems as well, which can involve money, property or personal injury. Not long ago, I sat in on such a trial and watched the jurors’ faces while the prosecution and defense attorneys presented their cases. The judge reminded the jurors several times what their responsibilities were. Stay alert, people, I thought. These are serious life-changing charges for both accuser and defendant. Scary stuff! Going to court reminds me that when I stand in my final judgment, I plan to point to my Savior and say I’m with him!

One thought on “Scary Stuff!

  1. Oh, I like that reply. Yes, I was in a criminal case years ago. I also like your advice to stay alert and trust Jesus for the right judgement. Thanks so much, I am really enjoying your thoughtful thoughts.


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