Flying High

Most cows ignore them, the large egrets that hang around cow pastures searching for insects. But a brand new calf is a different matter. I saw him slowly edging up to the long-necked, long-legged bird. When he got too close, the snowy-white bird spread its wide wings and gracefully lifted off into the air. The little one learned that day some creatures aren’t earthbound like him. Have you ever wished you could fly, like a bird? I have. Soaring around looking down on the earth below would be so much fun. Although adventurous types tried over and over, it took humans thousands of years to invent ways to safely fly. I guess God figured we could get ourselves in enough trouble without having that skill as well.

2 thoughts on “Flying High

  1. I thought it might be good to fly but I’m afraid of heights. Zip line was fun till I looked down from that lofty perch in the tree. I am sure Christ will take care of our fears. Thanks Sheila! ❤️


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