All God’s Creatures

Peck, peck, PECK, the big black crow tried its hardest to break the ice on the birdbath, but to no avail. The ice was too thick. Isn’t it amazing the crow understood water was under the ice? God’s creatures astonish me sometimes, though I know God gave them more sense than we give them credit for. I’ve poured hot water on the birdbath to melt the ice, but the leery crows won’t return soon enough to get the water before it freezes again. They may be smart creatures, but they still don’t understand I came to help, not to hurt them. I pray I’m not like the crows, that I can feel free to come near to God any time. I can confess every problem I have and every sin, no matter what, knowing he loves and through Christ has already forgiven me and would never do me harm.

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