A Friend Indeed!

One morning this quote from Elbert Hubbard was on my daily horse calendar, “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” Yes, it’s familiar. I’ve heard it before, and it sounds good. But does anyone really have a friend like that? A friend who knows all about you, all your deep dark secrets, all those sinful thoughts you’ve had and sinful deeds you’ve done? I’ve never had a friend like that. I don’t think even the most outgoing, loquacious extrovert tells his or her friends everything. The only one I know who really wants to hear about my deepest darkest sins is God. He knows about them anyway, of course, but he is happy when we recognize our faults and come to him to confess and repent. Until we do, our forgiving, merciful God loves us anyway and patiently waits. He is that kind of friend.

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