Not a DIY Solution

Do you consider yourself a fix-it person? I’m not talking about unclogging a drain or stopping a dripping faucet. I mean in more personal matters, such as trying to repair relationships between people. Maybe you are and maybe you’ve been successful at times, but my track record isn’t so good. I’ve tried to be a peacemaker only to have both parties resent my attempts. I’ve tried to calm simmering angry words only to make matters worse. I’ve prayed for years for people to overcome their animosity toward one another, but to no avail. I’m still going to pray because all in God’s good timing, but as my pastor once said: “Get over yourself! You’re not God! You can’t fix it!” He’s right. Some things only God can fix.

4 thoughts on “Not a DIY Solution

  1. I have to agree with you, I am no better at it. So I keep praying, and throw hints that maybe it’s time to mend what’s been broken. It’s out of my hands. It hurts to see the hurt. I can only work on me. Thanks Sheila!


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