An Evening of Kids!

Last Sunday evening, I learned a lot about the parents in our community. It was Halloween and I was happily surprised at the politeness of the cute kids who came to my door. Most were taught to take only one piece of candy and to say thank-you. One child took two and his older sister told him to put one back. He couldn’t bring himself to do it, so she did it for him! Last Monday was All Saints’ Day, but, of course, most today celebrate Halloween the night before, not All Saints’ Day. This observance of the faithful Christians of our past has been basically forgotten in lieu of treat or treating. Among all the kids who came to my door few probably knew the beginning of All Hallows’ Eve. Lots of princesses and witches costumes, and Baby Yoda, Harry Potter, Iron Man and Wonder Woman were represented, but nothing signifying what the day originally meant. Yes, I had candy for them. How many times do you have the opportunity to show love to so many kids.

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