Pastor Appreciation Day

Last Sunday during a prayer session before Zoom church, a member said he felt Spirit-inspired to express his appreciation for our 40-something year-old pastor. It was a tribute to how our young pastor has guided us, even through the difficulties of this pandemic, to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Other members echoed his heartfelt words. We know God placed our pastor and his wife in our church area because we as an older congregation had a real need for what they had to give. Have you noticed, sometimes you don’t know what you need until God gives it to you. October is Pastor Appreciation month and this Sunday is Pastor Appreciation Day. Let’s show our pastors some love!

2 thoughts on “Pastor Appreciation Day

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I have gone from being a pastor to adoring several pastors whose livestreams I have been blessed to listen to. We have many wonderful pastors whom I appreciate so much. Anne


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