Well, I Did Ask!

As I was pacing around talking to God one day, asking for direction and guidance in my life, I noticed a shadow on the blinds on a glass patio door. That’s odd, I thought. So I slowly opened the blinds, and looking back at me from outside, eyeball to eyeball, was a frog. I’m sure a tree frog because that little guy climbed right up that glass like Spider Man. But why would a tree frog be climbing up my patio door. Maybe it symbolized something. I found frogs symbolize transformation and productiveness (fertility) and change. Was God trying to tell me something in one of his many creative ways? I did ask after all. I want to be productive and certainly need spiritual transformation, but am I the only one who finds change a bit scary? How many times, and ways, does God have to remind us to trust his will in our lives!

One thought on “Well, I Did Ask!

  1. Sometimes directly in his word and sometimes in actions like when he fed his prophet as he fled the threat to his life; God provides comfort and guidance and revelation. Thanks Sheila, I always enjoy your messages. Anne


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