Are You Hungry?

“Are you hungry?” the pastor asked. He was reading from John 6. The crowds followed Jesus to be amazed by his healing miracles, to hear his intriguing sermons and, if they were honest, to be fed. Can you picture yourself as one privileged to see Jesus face to face. What would your motives have been, or mine? Would we have done any better than those people back then? We would have wanted much of the same as they. And, how about my motives even now? What am I hungry for? Is it for miracles that don’t last? May my search for Jesus be much more than for healings or material blessings or even daily forgiveness. May I seek him, the true bread of life, out of love.

One thought on “Are You Hungry?

  1. Living as we do with our shelves full of food and an ER accessible, we do not truly understand their hunger for all things life giving. Yet we are hungry for Christ, unfortunately everyone knows it. Thanks Sheila!


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