A Shout Out to Mothers

We’re having a family picnic celebration in my backyard. Mothers of various generations will be present, from me, a great-grandmother, to a mother in her mid-20s. Others don’t personally have children but have acted as mothers to nieces, nephews and step-children for years. Mother’s Day is also a time to remember those mothers who aren’t with us anymore. All mothers need to be appreciated for many reasons, but for one in particular. Deciding to have children is scary. As someone once said, I’m paraphrasing, having a child is like having your heart walking around outside your body. A mother will always be concerned about her children’s welfare and happiness, no matter how old her children are. Here’s a shout out to all mothers!

5 thoughts on “A Shout Out to Mothers

  1. Shiela, what a wonderful day you have planned! I have always thought that there were a lot of women who never had children but are more motherly than some who did…..and tried to praise them on Mother’s Day!


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