Like Precious Gifts

I pray a lot, but I’m not very good at it. When I hear the gracious prayers of others, so thoughtfully and beautifully presented to God, like precious golden gifts on an altar, I’m inspired but also a bit intimidated. My prayers can sound abrupt and sometimes disjointed as I think of something or someone I need to add, mid-prayer. Yes, prayer is to God, not for other ears, but in some circumstances public prayer is expected. When I know ahead of time I’m going to be praying, I’ve sometimes written my prayers out. Even then they don’t sound that impressive, but at least they’re presentable. Please, God, help us remember no matter how we pray, the Holy Spirit makes even our most disorganized prayers acceptable to you.

2 thoughts on “Like Precious Gifts

  1. It’s our presence he enjoys and cherishes. I feel the same way as you. Even written out I fail in the execution bit he loves them just the same. Thanks Sheila!


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