Mary, the Blessed

Did she hear the blasphemous words and see the blood and spittle on his body as he writhed in pain on the cross? Yes, she did. Was she there when her son cried out as he breathed his last? Very likely. Righteous Simeon foretold, “A sword will pierce your own soul too” (Luke 2:35). How awful for any mother to see her child tortured and killed, yet where else would a mother be. Mary and John standing there in tears among the crude, callous soldiers and the murderous religious leaders surely brought some comfort to our Savior. But, Sunday was coming! What happiness must have been hers when she heard the women’s report! May we all sense the joy she felt at the resurrection of our Savior. Though I don’t worship Mary, I am among those generations who call her blessed (Luke 1:48).

One thought on “Mary, the Blessed

  1. Amen! Thank you for the pieces you have written these past few weeks leading up to Easter. They are deep and meaningful and speak to me.

    Although we didn’t get to visit much yesterday, I am so happy you came and hope you aren’t feeling regretful today. It was great to be together even though I know there is still risk involved.

    Thank you for the delicious eggs. I know how labor intensive they are to make, then they disappear almost instantly! Thank you too for the beautiful towel.

    Love you dearly!

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