Spring Is Coming

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming,” wrote Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda. As I read his quote it made me think of all the Christian martyrs throughout the ages. From our Savior himself to the apostles to those persecuted Christians of today. And, of course, Jesus said it was nothing new, as he reminded the religious leaders of the killing of the prophets of old. When the light of God’s truth exposes the evils of those who live in darkness, murderous retaliation is often the result. But no matter the sufferings of the past, Resurrection Sunday came. Nothing, not even death, could stop Jesus from rescuing humankind. And, no matter the sufferings of today, nothing can keep Jesus from returning to finish setting up his Kingdom on this earth.

One thought on “Spring Is Coming

  1. Sheila, such interesting timing! As we watch our yards try to recover from a week of record cold here in central Texas, it is wonderful to see the first blooms! I was reading in the Sermon on the Mount this morning…. the Lord’s Prayer as so many call it….begins and ends with acknowledgement of God’s power and will to provide good for all of mankind!


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