Every Sparrow That Falls

What is that crow picking at? It’s not a bug or worm, too big for that. Ugh! It’s a dead songbird! I’ve heard many birds, bats, snakes and other small critters were frozen during our polar vortex, but this was the first I’d seen of it. Not too concerned about the snakes, but I love the colorful birds and even appreciate the not-so-pretty bats that keep the mosquito population down. As I watched the crow fly off with its prey dangling from its beak, it made me wish I could have protected the bird some way. With below zero temperatures and hours of no heat, I was too busy trying to survive myself to worry about birds. But, you know what, God knew when that bird fell, just as he saw me working to keep my wood-burning fireplace going all night. He knows and cares about every detail of our lives. What a good and merciful God!

2 thoughts on “Every Sparrow That Falls

  1. Oh, so true, our God is a God of mercies and delights. I love that crow as well, and those song birds. I have often wished I had the powers to bring back all the critters that expire. It would be a crowded world. And, I have to remember that God could do just that anytime he wants to. He cares for us all. It is so wonderful. Thanks Sheila! Glad you are doing well. Anne


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