Reach Out Anyway

Have you ever hesitated to reach out to someone suffering from a devastating loss, such as the death of a parent, a spouse or a child? It’s difficult to know what to say to that kind of debilitating pain. We’ve all heard what we shouldn’t say (at least I hope so), but what can we do? As one who has suffered such loss, I will say this, no matter if it’s hard, reach out anyway. It doesn’t have to be a phone call or a personal visit; it can be a text or an email or even a response on Facebook. But I believe written cards are the best. I didn’t realize the importance of sympathy cards until I lost a son. And, don’t worry if you’re late hearing about the loss. Every day for months I received at least one, usually several sympathy cards from friends and family. Those kind messages of love and support helped lift the burden of grief I was carrying.

2 thoughts on “Reach Out Anyway

  1. Thank you Sheila for sharing your heart. It made me retreat for awhile. I am sorry for your loss. I myself had four miscarriages losing five children and it left a deep hole in my heart that I needed to retreat from in order to survive. I was reminded this morning in a reading by Billy Graham of this verse “May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant” (Psalm 119:76 NIV). God is our comfort may we share this comfort with others. I send my love.


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