Prepare the Way

Remember the passage in Matthew where Jesus tells his disciples John the Baptist was his messenger, preparing the people for his coming? (Matthew 11:10). No doubt you do. But have you ever thought John’s job is our job too? I heard a pastor say we Christians are, like John, preparing the way for the second and final return of Jesus Christ to the world. That drew me up short! I knew we were his witnesses, but I hadn’t thought of it as having John’s responsibility. Jesus is here with us even now, but he’s coming again, and not this time quietly among sheep and shepherds in Bethlehem. When he returns next time, it will be with power and glory and all will see him! People need to know! They need to be prepared! Let’s keep that in mind as we live out our lives daily, witnessing of him through his loving, forgiving, generous grace toward others.

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