All We Need Is Love

Does it frustrate you to read 1 Corinthians 13? It has that effect on me at times. The love Paul describes here is an over-the-top, impossible love. Even being known as a prophet, having the answers to all mysteries is not enough. Faith so strong you can shake up the Alps is not enough! He says giving away all your possessions is not enough. This is not just paying for someone behind you at Starbucks or Walmart, this is giving your absolute all, home, car, bank accounts, IRAs, clothes off your back, everything. And that’s not enough! How in the world can I be expected to love like that! The answer is, I can’t. God is love. I read God or Jesus (the same) in the place of the word love. He’s the only one who has all the attributes of love because he is love! His love is all that counts and thanks be to God, our Savior loves and lives in us!

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