Fire Ant Frenzy

Went out to water my plants on the patio without noticing fire ants on the hose. Yikes! Now I have stings on both hands, which means tiny blister-type pustules, which means after the sting goes away, my hands will itch like crazy for several days. When I was transferred to California many years ago, we heard fire ants were on their way north into Texas. It was much like we hear about murder hornets these days. So, when I retired and moved back, the tiny buggers were here to greet me. They love my big yard where they can build their mounds. The mounds are easy to find but those nests down in the grass aren’t. I fight them all the time, but I never totally get rid of them. Really, weren’t mosquitoes, chiggers and every variety of poisonous snakes enough!

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