God’s Will–Really?

Do you find it easy to say God’s will be done and really mean it? During the last year and a half, I’ve had serious cause to think about this question. We know God’s will for our lives or for our loved ones’ lives is always the best. God’s view is in the present moment always, seeing the past, the present and the future all at once. He knows what is best for us. Yet when my son’s or my daughter’s life or my grandchild’s or another loved one’s life is on the line, I hesitate. That’s when I want his will to be my will, not the other way around. It’s a real struggle for me—a Jacob wrestling with the angel/Lord kind of struggle or a David fasting and praying for his ill child. Why should I fear God’s will when I know he will make everything turn out for the good—for all concerned? Because it’s scary, like stepping out of the boat and walking on the water to Jesus. It takes a kind of faith I can’t come up with. It takes the gift of our Savior’s faith, through the Holy Spirit. Help me, Lord!

2 thoughts on “God’s Will–Really?

  1. Do you believe that every incident is an intention of “God’s will” or simply falls in line? In other words, do you believe he is a spiritual helicopter parent or more laid back and hands off. I don’t see the reality in my years of God being constantly actively engaged specifically with each and every individual. Some at some times yes, but not always with every human “who believes.” At least that’s where I am right now.


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