A Man Called Jack

What an interesting week. I’ve just started a book about Joy Davidman, the woman who became the wife of C.S. Lewis. In discipleship class at church we’re going through The Screwtape Letters by him, and then my daughter bought tickets to a play in Dallas in which a man portrays Lewis on stage telling stories about his life. Lewis was a highly educated Oxford scholar who turned from atheism to follow Jesus. As he is one of my favorite authors, spending that time with a daughter who appreciates Lewis as much as I do, what could be better! (Well, she did take me out to lunch at a nice restaurant before we went to the play, so even better.) Lewis did not claim to be a theologian but if you have read Mere Christianity or The Great Divorce or the series he wrote for children, The Chronicles of Narnia, you know he had a deep understanding of what the Scriptures reveal about Jesus and his sacrificial love.

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