What’s Happening?

For some reason my mail wasn’t picked up yesterday. Today my morning newspaper didn’t arrive on my driveway. What I take for granted and seldom think about isn’t happening! Though I tip these people at Christmas, I don’t think much about them otherwise, except when they don’t come through. “Thank someone who’s made a difference in your day.” It’s simple gratitude, but if we followed this matchstick suggestion every day, it would not only make a difference in our lives but also in the lives of others. Seeing that red flag still up on my mailbox and going without my morning paper could ruin my day. But what about all those other days in the year when the mail carrier and newspaper deliverer come through? I need to change my focus. When I focus on what others have done for me, it takes my mind off myself. It makes me look for the positives in my life, not just the negatives. Thanking others makes them feel encouraged too. Practicing gratitude is good for everyone!

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