Plant a Garden, It Said

Whoa! “Plant a garden” is this week’s matchstick suggestion. It’s a little late in the season for that. Some avid gardeners would disagree as they continue to plant hardy greens in their vegetable gardens, but I’ll have to stick with flowers. The chrysanthemums I planted in the pots on my patio have bloomed once and are starting to bloom again, but the suggestion said garden. So I bought 50 tulip bulbs and got started. I planted about half and thought enough for today. Well, it was enough all right! After all the up-and-down bending and crawling around on my knees yesterday I’m so sore I can barely bend down to pick up anything off the floor. It’s not as if I don’t exercise regularly and do my stretches, but I abused some muscles I don’t ordinarily use and they are complaining! Not sure when those other bulbs will get planted.

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