Waiting Life Away

If you’re like me you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time waiting in doctors’ offices, whether for your annual physical, dental checkups, eye exams or something more serious. I pass the time by reading magazines or if I’m waiting in the little private room they put you in after your lobby wait—just to wait some more—I go through my stretches. What a waste of time otherwise. That’s why when possible I make early morning appointments because the later in the day the longer the waiting. I don’t see the humor in the situation like friend Paula’s husband Jerry. He said one time he waited about an hour or more before he finally saw the doctor. He said he asked his doctor, “Has anybody ever died out there waiting to see you?” His doctor said, “No, but they sure got a lot older.” I love living in Texas!

One thought on “Waiting Life Away

  1. Waiting life away….. have you noticed that a lot of people in waiting rooms have their phones glued to their faces? Sometimes I start a humorous conversation with other waiters but just saying, “Have you noticed that waiting rooms no longer have many magazines?” Depending on the situation, I might takes a few pages printed that I need to read, or even my pocket copy of the Constitution or read the Bible on my phone…but then my daughters tell me that if nothing is going on, I can be counted on to start something.


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