“You’re in Luck Today!”

I heard him before I saw him. “You’re in luck today. Here, let me show you my pride and joy!” Surprised, I turned away from the New Books rack and saw an unfamiliar, white-haired little man with a photo in his hand. What! We’re in the public library. I didn’t know him. What’s this all about? His hair was thin on top and kind of longish and he was dressed in a red tee shirt over jeans, both baggy on him. Maybe one day they had fit him but that was obviously long ago. Before I could say or do anything, he turned the photo over. It was a picture of two bottles—Joy detergent and Pride furniture wax. I smiled and said, “That’s funny!” He laughed and went over to a woman standing nearby and repeated his joke. Then he left the library, chuckling as he went. No telling where he was off to next, telling his Pride and Joy joke to whoever would listen. I love living in Texas! 

One thought on ““You’re in Luck Today!”

  1. I love this post. Why not leave people chuckling? My chiropractor (for decades) told me that his face hurts when I leave….but that is OK, because laughter is good for both of us! Thanks!


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