It’s Not Easy to Forgive–Really Forgive

At a church conference, my daughter said, “Oh, there’s Mr. … behind you.” She expected me to turn around and speak to the longtime church member, but I didn’t. This man had tried to discredit another daughter by passing along false information about her. I had told myself I had forgiven him, but I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge him as if nothing had happened. A couple of weeks ago our pastor encouraged us to look within ourselves and see if we had any deep-seated hurts or wounds we had not dealt with–some we may have stuffed down inside and tried to forget. He said maybe you feel you have dealt with them, but if you haven’t included Jesus in those experiences, they are still there. I’ve been thinking about his words a lot. Some, such as this man trying to hurt my daughter, came to mind immediately, and I’ve been praying God would show me what else is there, scabbed over but still festering underneath. You know what I’ve learned? It hurts to dig into those old wounds again, but unless I do and include Jesus they can’t be healed by him. Jesus is all about forgiveness. I can’t truly forgive without him being involved, and until I forgive the wounds won’t heal. Help me, Lord!


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