Ashes to Ashes

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season. The Methodist church in town is offering a drive-by opportunity to have a cross of ashes placed on your forehead. Some of my friends, both Catholic and Protestant, find this pretty funny. You can imagine some of the comments. (Do you just stick your head out of the window as you drive by?) I hadn’t thought much about observing Lent until a few years ago. I do eat fish on Fridays with my friends who observe the custom. Though Lent is known as a Catholic tradition, more Protestant/evangelical churches are observing it now. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for what to give up on Lent on social media, many of which are what we shouldn’t be doing anyway. A pastor friend suggested giving up talking so much and spend that time listening to God. That sounds good to me. So I’m thinking I will observe Lent this year. But I need a physical reminder. I often eat a square of dark chocolate when I feel the urge for something sweet after dinner. So I think I’ll give up chocolate as both a reminder of the spiritual meaning of this season and to spend more time listening to God. Not so sure about the drive-by ashes though.


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