Oh No–Another Get-together

I almost skipped over this week’s matchstick suggestion: “Organize a neighborhood get-together.” I thought about tossing it and pulling out another. Why? For one thing, I’m a hermit. And, for another, in my neighborhood we have several people much better at organizing get-togethers than I am. One woman in particular is very socially minded and has neighborhood parties and get-togethers at least once a month. It’s too much to go to all of them, but I do show up for some, with deviled eggs and a bottle of wine in tow. It’s not as if I haven’t ever had a neighborhood get-together. (How many years ago was that?) I have good neighbors and I really like them, but adding more get-togethers—I don’t think so. It does make me think, though, am I as hospitable as I should be? No, I don’t have to wonder. It wouldn’t kill me to quit leaning on others, and plan another get-together at my house.

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