What’s Important to You?

The matchbook inspiration for this week (for those who care) is, “Take note of something in your home that you love and why.” Love is such a strong word. What do I love so much that I would feel a great loss without it? That’s got me scratching my head. I have no pets, not even a gold fish, so it would have to be an inanimate object. Many items in my home have good memories attached to them—my children’s projects I’ve kept forever, my last saddle (yes, it’s on a rack in my bedroom), family photos. All are irreplaceable, except maybe some of the photos. I’ve often thought if I had to leave my home in a hurry, I would grab the external hard drive attached to my computer and my cell phone. These have copies of many of my important documents and photos on them. But I can’t say I love the hard drive or my mobile. It’s what’s on them that’s important to me. Come to think of it, I’m going to be leaving it all behind one day anyway. And, maybe that’s what this week’s matchbook message is all about.


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