Light Up a Life

When I arrived at the Home Hospice Office this morning to handle the desk while the staff has their monthly meeting, before she left Paula gave me a white cardboard dove with my late husband’s name on it. Every Christmas Home Hospice, which is a nonprofit hospice, has a fundraiser called “Light Up a Life.” The donations go to a fund for those who cannot afford the many services Home Hospice provides. My daughter Tina had made a nice donation to honor Ed, her stepdad, who died a few days after Christmas three years ago. Ed was also a hospice volunteer for many years. I’m a big fan of hospices, especially the nonprofit ones, whose kind staff and many volunteers make life so much easier on both the patients and on their caregivers. As far as I’m concerned, hospice workers are called to a Mother Teresa type of ministry. The cardboard doves citing the donations and donors are usually placed on a Christmas tree in the office, but I’m taking this one home to put on my own tree.

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