The Firstborn

Joshua was their firstborn. He was born like all babies were born at the time. There were some differences—no midwife or loving grandmothers in attendance and in inhospitable, unsanitary conditions. Oh yes, and he was, from birth, also in danger of his life. We know him by his Greek name Jesus, but Mary called him Jeshua, which translates as Joshua in English. He was the Firstborn, not only Mary’s firstborn, but the firstborn of us all. As we decorate our homes for Christmas and write our Christmas cards and decide on gifts and presents for family and friends, let’s also celebrate the greatest gift we’ve been given. God himself who came in human form, the first born to grow up and live the perfect life we couldn’t, die for our sins and be resurrected so we, through him, could be reunited with our Triune God forever. Thank you, Jesus!

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