Lizard Tale

How that tiny lizard got in the house, I’m not sure, but somehow he (or she) slithered under a door or I accidentally let him in. I don’t blame him. It’s cold and wet outside. When he saw me, he quickly scurried under a living room chair. I lifted the chair and sure enough, there he was, oh so still, hoping to make himself invisible. I lowered the chair and went to find something to capture him. After dismissing several ideas, I settled on a bucket with a lid. I got it over him but when I tried to scoop him up with the edge of the bucket he resisted, and won—temporarily. I caught him again with the bucket and got a spatula out of the kitchen. This time I was too quick for him. I moved the bucket up a little and with one swift move of the spatula lifted him right in. Lid down, he was caught! He frantically scrambled around in that bucket, but no escape. Out the door and into the flower bed he went. What a struggle he put up, and I was just trying to save his life.


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