Real Artists

I actually went out to my studio and painted last week. For quite a few years now, I’ve painted a Western scene to be auctioned off at our annual family reunion. These paintings always include horses or cows or both—no surprise there, considering where I live here in horse and cattle country. The auction helps support the next year’s reunion. So, even if I don’t get around to painting much of anything else, I have to paint this one painting. My studio is a shed in the backyard that’s set up with all the materials I need to paint or draw or whatever. Several easels, lots of canvases, brushes, oil paints, special lighting. But, whenever anyone asks me to paint anything for them, I tell them I’m not a real artist. I only paint when I get around to it. Real artists can’t help themselves, they have to paint. I really admire my friends who are real artists. If I were a real artist, I’d be out there in that studio just about every day, painting away.


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