Small Town Diners

She asked what side dishes my friends wanted with their meals. After their orders, she said, “No carrots? Nobody likes carrots.” “Oh, do you have carrots? I like carrots,” friend Paula said. But she didn’t change her order from green beans. This started a discussion about the merits of carrots. “I like carrots too, but not overcooked. I like them still crunchy,” I said. Paula said Jerry (her husband) liked them that way too. She and Billie Jean said they liked theirs mushy and sweet. About that time, the waitress brought in a small bowl of carrots and set it in front of Billie Jean. Surprised, she passed the bowl over to Paula, who took one bite, declared them mushy, but not sweet enough, and passed them back. She also didn’t like the cinnamon in the carrots. That’s when the waitress came back in with a bowl of carrots for Paula, who also hadn’t ordered them. By this time, the situation was getting funny. When we had finished eating, the waitress offered to save the still uneaten bowls of carrots in a to-go box. This was too much. We broke out in the biggest laugh of the evening! Small town diners are the best!

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