Goulash Anyone?

I’ve told my kids and admonished myself, don’t go to the grocery store hungry. Everybody knows that, of course. Items you wouldn’t take a look at when you’ve just had a meal look mighty tempting when you’re hungry. Chips, dips, expensive cheeses, and check out that deli, with its savory fried chicken. Well, I didn’t listen to myself and needing a few items on my way home, I stopped to shop. I put the red grapes and the bananas and the coffee in my shopping bag, but then I passed the smoked Gouda and the humus. In the basket they went. Past the fresh meat, oh, ground beef. Wouldn’t a nice goulash like my mother used to make taste good. OK, so maybe goulash is not health food, but it’s got tomatoes and onions in it. I grabbed a pound of lean ground beef. I went home and made a ton of goulash. That’s how much my mother’s recipe makes. It was delicious!

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