It’s a Start

Some of you know me through my writing already, but for those who don’t I write brief articles that promote hope in a world that sometimes seems hopeless. (At least, I hope that’s what I’m doing!) No, I’m not some type of Pollyanna who sees only the bright side of every situation. I’ve suffered loss and I don’t minimize the pain loss can bring, but that’s not my focus. Painful situations may show up at times in these blogs but always with hope in the future. Sometimes I may write about dogs or horses or art or the joys or frustrations we humans face every day. Ideas on religion may enter in but politics never. As a disclaimer I have master’s degrees in religion and women’s studies in religion. But don’t let those grad degrees fake you out, I’ve already forgotten most of what I read anyway! My goal is to be an encouraging friend in your life’s journey, wherever it leads. So, here we go!

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