What If?

An article in the latest Christianity Today sparked a thought. It referred to the Old Testament prophet Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9. Though Daniel had lived righteously, in the service of a pagan king for many years, he prayed for his people using we, not they.We have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled….” Daniel was not at fault personally. He stayed faithful to God under the most trying circumstances. (Think hungry lions!) The article was about our taking responsibility for the faults of the entire church and all praying together for God’s mercy, even if we’re not the guilty parties. What if we applied this advice to our world, our country, our friends and our families. What if we, like Daniel, took responsibility and prayed and fasted for all, not pointing fingers and distancing ourselves from those who have wronged us or don’t agree with us. What a different world it would be. What if.

One thought on “What If?

  1. Re your post about Daniel praying, “we” instead of “they” for his countrymen, when a man joined the board of our neighborhood association years ago he became a tad frustrated with our questions. “Look, I am flawed….we are all flawed….I just came to serve.” I stalked him to become the next board president since I thought he really understood how we should relate to each other.

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